Healing Through Art & Travel
Kristen Kantounatakis, MA, AT
Founder of Artful Expeditions

Customer Testimonials

"Today I painted on an easel for the first time!  It wasn't good, but it was fun!  We set up easels on the rocks by the falls.  We began with a series of relaxation exercises, and I realized how tense I was!  Then we were encouraged to paint.  One of the benefits of Artful Expeditions is that it allowed me to relax and bring out feelings and thoughts I have suppressed.  I didn't feel pressure to talk about these feelings at all, but Kristen and I spoke privately as she walked around and spoke with each participant.  It was a great way to refresh and renew myself from work and life and all that it brings."  -Sarah

“This was such an amazing experience! The staff and owner, Kristen, was so nice and patient! We will definitely be back!" -Gabrielle

“We had an absolute blast. I have zero talent when it comes to art, but nonetheless we had an incredible time.” -Anjali