Healing Through Art & Travel

Kristen Kantounatakis, MA, AT
Founder of Artful Expeditions
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Kristen Kantounatakis, MA, AT:  

"I have created art... since my conception.  I have always been naturally drawn to creating art to keep myself relatively calibrated through the peaks and valleys of my youth and even today it is my most effective outlet.


I am an art therapist with a vicious case of wanderlust.  There is nowhere on this earth I would encounter that could not make me a better, more well-rounded person.  I feel it is through experiencing other people's way of life, culture and perspective that enables you to learn who you truly are.

What drives you?  What are your desires?  What could you exfoliate from your life?

Discovering my own uncharted territories drives me forward.  What I can learn and who I can meet.  Our world is infinite, and it is my wish to share with you my experiences and to hopefully inspire you to discover your own uncharted territories."
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