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Inner Wellness Series: Week 1: Gratitude

Hello Everyone!
This week I am beginning the Inner Wellness Series. Each week I will focus on a topic that affect each and every one of us in our everyday lives. These topics can also be looked at as skills to develop to enhance your self awareness, and hopefully empower yourself to live the life you want! I am focusing on Gratitude this week. My personal experience I am sharing with you is longer than what most of my posts will be because it is a very fresh experience for me and so the feelings are still potent. I hope you are able to glean something from my story. Visual journaling really helps me to process and capture my feelings and thoughts and so I am including the page I created in my journal followed by the page I created in response to processing my experience.
Throughout the week I will post the benefits of regularly practicing Gratitude. Please check back, and feel free to share your own stories!

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